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Possessing a good as well as an efficient payroll support is still a very crucial part of an organization. You cannot run around in panic every time the month end comes close and the salaries are about to be dispatched. However, it is known that payroll processes are time consuming and rather complicated at times. Deductions, taxes, gratuities, and provident funds are a real headache for the accountant. And this is exactly why a well-organized and efficient payroll system is imperative for a business organization.

This is where QuickBooks makes a grand entry with its payroll services. QuickBooks has a very intricate yet simple payroll system that makes accounting and financial process a piece of cake. QuickBooks offers you managerial accounting and payroll services regardless of the size of your business.

The QuickBooks Payroll is a strong tool for those who are looking towards resurrecting their financial and accounting departments. The QuickBooks Payroll software encircles every aspect of the finance department that regards the payroll of employees. These aspects include, but are not limited to, payroll management, distribution of salaries, wages management, deductions, tax filing, tax calculations, gratuity calculations, provident fund calculation etc.

QuickBooks Payroll

When QuickBooks Payroll was launched, it completely changed the entire process of payroll accounting and management. All those long hours manually calculating wages, making deductions, filing taxes, adding bonuses, attaching incentives and what not are a thing of the past. QuickBooks Payroll brought forth a revolution when it launched and changed the way organizations worked.

The QuickBooks software is equipped for providing management facilities for unlimited payrolls. It is user friendly and can be easily integrated with the Desktop as well as the Online versions of the QuickBooks accounting software. The software if near perfect it its methods and ways of carrying out payroll procedures. The QuickBooks Payroll specializes in features like automatic tax calculations, direct deposits, print checks, electronic tax filing and last but not the least, providing a round the clock support system that comprises of experts who specialize in the services that QuickBooks Payroll works with. The QuickBooks Payroll support is free of cost and easily approachable.

QuickBooks Payroll Features

QuickBooks has made tedious payroll processes easy and convenient. The processes to calculate salaries, and all the other related provisions are way easier with the advent of the QuickBooks Payroll software. Apart from the fundamental feature of calculating salaries and wages, and deducting various taxes, the QuickBooks Payroll offers other staggering features as well that can prove very advantageous to a business in many ways. Of course, the QuickBooks Payroll support is definitely a part of it. The QuickBooks Payroll support phone number can be easily approached to avail unlimited support for issues in QuickBooks Payroll. Some of these features are mentioned below -

1. Automatic Paycheck Calculation

The QuickBooks Payroll is immensely helpful in calculating salaries. This fact has been already well established. But the fact that is interesting is that QuickBooks Payroll allows you to make manifested calculations for 21 different types of pays like, well, the regular salary, commissions, sick pay, vacation pay etc. This calculation is fairly easy but in case a problem arises, users can always contact QuickBooks assisted payroll support.

2. Email Reminders on the Day of Pay

If you have had worked in an organization, then you must definitely be aware the condition of the accountant on the pay day. The guy is miserable. He doesn’t have time to look up from his files, let alone give you a smile when you talk to him. QuickBooks Payroll solves this issue by intelligently aligning itself to the needs of the organization. It acts as a dispenser for salaries as well as a good reminder for the users on the day of pay so that you do not have to run around the office. In case of any technical error, the QuickBooks Payroll support phone number can be used to contact the technical support team for assistance. The QuickBooks assisted payroll support is toll free and available all the time for your service.

3. Instant Disbursement of Paychecks

QuickBooks with its ‘out of the world’ efficiency, has earned itself a reputation. The software deals with various processes of salary dispensing with utmost intricacy and detail, and does a very good job at it. In addition to that, you also have the QuickBooks Payroll tech support phone number in case you need any help in understanding how the software works. The QuickBooks Payroll support will assist you in every way possible.

Coming back to the primary feature 9n discussion, QuickBooks Payroll takes care of all the stages like paychecks, direct depositing, and even W-2s. QuickBooks makes sure that salaries are disbursed on time and in due amounts. On top of that, it also maintains proper documents of every transaction ever made during the procedure.

4. iPhone App for On-the-move Payroll

QuickBooks Payroll also offers mobile payroll with the help of an iPhone application. The QuickBooks assisted payroll support can guide you through the entire process if needed. This app based feature enables on the go payroll which is automatically synced with the QuickBooks Payroll main account. This function is immensely useful in case users are involved in a lot of field work and spend a large amount of time outside the office space. In such a situation, there might be certain errors that might be incurred by users. If such a situation arises, it is recommended that users contact the QuickBooks Payroll tech support phone number immediately.

5. Reports and Payslips on Employees Pay, and Deductions

Users will be pleased to know that QuickBooks Payroll enables managers to get accurate and to the point reports on taxes, deductions, as well as salaries. This leads to no further delay when it comes to disbursing salaries to the employees. The procedures are well taken care of by the QuickBooks software but in case users need assistance, they can always contact the QuickBooks Payroll supportvia the QuickBooks Payroll tech support phone number.

6. Tax Management

QuickBooks Payroll is just not for accounting for salaries. As mentioned earlier, it is a holistic package for an institution to manage their employee payrolls. This includes levying taxes and repaying taxes due every employees’ revenue, along with the traditional salary management.

Other features include –
  • Automated tax management
  • Guaranteed accuracy
  • Reminders in emails for salaries and taxes
  • Insurance for unemployment
  • Automated W-2 calculations for every employee
  • Automated W-2 filing
  • Regular reports for tax liability
  • Around the clock 24/7 QuickBooks Payroll support

Range of different QuickBooks Payroll Plans

Basic Payroll

The QuickBooks Payroll is fundamentally a very affordable product and moreover it is reasonable priced given the features it provides to its users. However, there are a basic set of features which it does provide for sure. The basic payroll feature is designed in order to make paychecks and also allows direct deposits and instant paychecks. In addition to that, there is always the QuickBooks Payroll tech support phone number where you can get guaranteed customer support.

Enhanced Payroll

The enhanced payroll function is a bit more expensive when compared to the basic payroll. Although, a bit costlier than the above mentioned version, it highly enhances the QuickBooks experience for the users. In simple words, it increases the utility of the software. This feature enables you to make W-2s which are usually processed automatically until the tax is paid off. You also get to make separate tax forms for both Federal as well as State purposes.

Full Service Payroll

This is by far the most comprehensive version of the QuickBooks Payroll software. It provides the users with a wide spectrum of highly advanced payroll features. These features include W-2 forms, electronic pay, entire payroll steps, profit reports, job costing, tax disbursements, calculation of taxes, and salary disbursements. However, this is a little more expensive than the other two versions mentioned above.

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