Data files of QuickBooks

How to recover the accidentally dropped data files of QuickBooks?

After upgrading company files in updated software, QuickBooks are not able to find the data or some of the important company’s information is missing. This could happen after backing up, running the verify data utility, or any other functions of QuickBooks.  It is very crucial to keep up all the important office files or reports safely. It happens basically when something goes wrong or you run some other functions in the program. Or like, in a situation where you have formatted all the data from your hard disk due to the sort of logical oddity and you need to files back for the presentation. QuickBooks Customer Service Phone Number will give you all the possible supports to getting your data back. Intuit shows all its support and just need to simply call them up and tell them you want lost data back from QuickBooks. They have their own software where all the data stored and they will send your file back. This is a wonderful service Intuit provides and in exchange, it is asking few hundred bucks.
QuickBooks Technical Support:
If you have accidentally deleted the entire data from the QuickBooks which were having a lot of valuable financial information, in that case, it should be mandatory for you to get the data back at any cost. It is very unconventional to lose only of some data while upgrading a new version of QuickBooks or some other function running in the program.
Basically, missing or lost files usually occurs due to the following reasons:

  • Multiple/missing company file (.qbw:)
  • If the multiple copies of the company file have been stored in the computer

How to fix it out
Repairing multiple/missing copies of the company file (.qbw) which is stored on the computer
Search the file on your computer
Windows 8:

  • On your keyboard, press windows + F. The search windows open on your computer
  • Enter*.qbw then press Enter key on your keyboard
  1. Once the QuickBooks Company’s file list appears, look for the duplicate copies of the company file.
  • Do make a note of the file type, and then right click on the file name and select the properties
  • Make sure on the general tab Type of file shows QuickBooks Company File.
  1. Using the date modified column in the search results, regulate which copy of the file is the most up-to-date
  2. To making it easy to find the most up-to-date file, Intuit will recommend copying the most up-to-date file to a unique folder
  • Open each file until the desired location of the most up-to-date file is found
  • Once the most-up-to-date file is found. Copy the remainder of the files to a “quarantine” folder.
  • Once these files have been moved to the quarantine folder and copied to a CD, delete the copies left behind the old locations.
  1. Start working in QuickBooks with the correct files which have been repaired. The all files should be saved in a known location from now on.

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