How to Fix QuickBooks POS Software Errors with Instant Effects?

How to Fix QuickBooks POS Software Errors with Instant Effects?

For some businesses, having a point of sale is mandatory. A comprehensive solution such as the one designed by Intuit should help you manage inventory, calculate sales taxes, and ease other accounting tasks like generating financial reports. The QuickBooks POS is recommended by the accounting experts due to its reliability and robust functionality. For instance, it integrates with the QuickBooks software. It makes it easier to track employee time and hence payroll processing. It is a package of software and hardware. The hardware consists of a POS stand, an iPad for the interface, a secure cash drawer, a barcode scanner and a payment device. We are a premier re seller meaning that you can purchase all of these and be including the software from us. However, we are more interested in offering you quality support for your new system. The quality of hardware and software is the same across all Intuit premier re-sellers, but you would be inconvenienced without professional support. If you face any issue with QuickBooks Point of Sale, then you can simply call on to QuickBooks Support Number to get instant help and support.
People who are new to QuickBooks might wonder why they would need support to use the system. The system is very intuitive and actually, anyone with basic computer knowledge will quickly adapt to it with just a little training. However, QuickBooks has a lot of functions and not to say that you cannot grasp everything there is to know but that would take time. In other words, you will need an accountant to ascertain the accuracy of your data or to help you with payroll processing. The QuickBooks Customer Service number is the best way to get instant help and support 24/7. Below are just a few highlights of what we can help you do.
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Common QuickBooks POS Problems:

  • QuickBooks POS Will Not Start
  • Unable to process credit card
  • Point of sale transaction failure
  • QuickBooks POS Merchant Integration
  • POS Server Issues
  • Unable to locate Company File
  • Unable to transfer in financial (QuickBooks)
  • Error Initializing QB POS application Log
  • QuickBooks POS: Unlock to a Higher Level
  • QuickBooks POS: Customer Preferences
  • QuickBooks Point of Sale: Inventory Reports
  • QuickBooks Point of Sale: Price Changes
  • QuickBooks POS: Troubleshoot Multi-Store Exchange
  • QuickBooks POS: Adding your Logo to Sales Documents
  • Steps Taken to resolve the QuickBooks Company Database Issues:
  • If you cannot start your POS, server it is usually due to one of two reasons:
  • The database is corrupt.

Since we have outlined the steps to determine if your POS database is corrupt in a different article, we will now focus on steps to take to see if your PC has been hit with a “nasty” update that has compromised your QuickBooks POS software. Calling on to QuickBooks Customer Service number is the best idea to get instant solution. Try these solutions:
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  • Solution: Allow POS services to interact with the desktop
  • Close Point of Sale.
  • Click the Windows Start button, type MSC, and then press Enter.
  • Configure Intuit Entitlement Service:
  • Double-click the Intuit Entitlement Service v#.
  • Click the Log on
  • Click Apply and/or OK.
  • Check the General Tab to see if status is Started
  • Start Service, or stop and then start
  • Restart QuickBooks POS and see if the Company will Log in now.
  • If not, configure QB POS Database Manager:
  • You just need to double-click on the QB POS Database Manager X.
  • Click the Log on
  • Click Apply and/or OK.

Get in touch with us today and tell us what and how we may be of service, and let us take over all your problems from there. Call us at our Quickbooks POS Support Phone Number and our customer care executives will help resolve all your problems.

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