Some of the Best Features in QuickBooks Payroll Support

Every year QuickBooks adds new and exciting features to make the job of accounting even easier. The users also have the option of contacting the QuickBooks Payroll Support if they need any help. It assimilates the needs of the small and medium-sized businesses and provides user-friendly features for better optimization and use. This service compromises of highly trained technicians all certified by QuickBooks. These technicians help the customers to get a quick resolution for all their issues relate to the use and operation of this accounting software.

New features in QuickBooks Payroll

QuickBooks Payroll software offers numerous features to its users. It also gives the option to integrate with different versions of QuickBooks such as Online and Desktop. The users can reap the benefits from the features such as unlimited payroll, printable checks, free direct deposit, electronic tax filing, tax calculations and expert payroll support. The users can reach out to the QuickBooks Customer Service Phone Number if they face any issue regarding the use of QuickBooks.

You can use the 30-day trial for QuickBooks Payroll in order to know whether the needs of the organizations are met properly or not.
Some of the features of QuickBooks include

  • Paycheck calculation including sick pay, salary, and commission.
  • Email reminders for the accountants
  • Direct deposit and instant paychecks
  • Mobile application for payroll
  • Deductions and employee pay
  • The features of QuickBooks Tax
  • State Tax calculations and automatic Federal tax calculation
  • Electronic W-2 preparation
  • Automatic W-2 filing
  • Reports on wages, tax liability, and pay.
  • QuickBooks Invoicing

The users can now make the professional looking sales form easily and quickly. In this manner, they can keep a track of money owed to them and the date of the due payment. The entire client information is already filed and the changes can be made instantly. Thus, saving the time and enhancing the accuracy. The invoices can be sent to the customers via email so that the billing can be delivered on time. If you have to deal with the recurring invoices then you can do so by scheduling them on a daily, weekly or yearly process. The users also have the option of using the paper copies as QuickBooks also allows the invoice printing. The difficulty that was once faced in customizing the invoices has been assuaged. The users can easily make changes in invoices such as changing the name, adding custom fields, invoicing title, printing the balance and account summary. If they need professional help, they can reach out to the QuickBooks Enterprise support telephonically.

The all-new QuickBooks allows you to control the following invoice features

  • Include the company logo, return stub, email address and return address
  • Positioning the layout of the paper, emailed forms and letterhead
  • Payment terms
  • Automatic credit application to the invoices
  • Grouping and subtotaling the activity
  • Printing and emailing the invoices.
  • All version of QuickBooks except the Online allows the users to use the following features
  • Invoice creation both the recurring and non-recurring invoice
  • Sending out the invoices automatically on the assigned dates
  • Importing the data automatically from the invoices to estimates.

The customers also have the option of batch invoicing which means grouping the customer’s invoices at once.

You can take the advantages of all these features by contacting the QuickBooks customer service telephonically. You have to use the helpline number and reach the customer care official. You need to provide an overview of your problem to the official. He will direct you to the technical expert for handling that issue and you will have your resolution instantly.

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